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Eye trauma can be through various ways. Roadside
accidents, chemical burns, diwali fire crackers,
explosives, radiation are the common insulting
factors to the eye.

In case of roadside accidents, detailed examination
for intraocular foreign body is needed. Depending
on the speed of the foreign body, extent involved
and whether the trauma is blunt or penetrating,
Corneal / Scleral perforations, Rupture of lens,
Vitreous hemorrhage, Retinal detachment can occur.
Immediate diagnosis and treatment at times saves
the eye and vision.

The severity of a burn depends on what substance
caused it and how long the substance had contact
with the eye. Damage is usually limited to the
front of the eye mainly cornea and conjunctiva
structures. Burns that penetrate deeper than the
cornea are the most severe.

                                                                Typically, a chemical eye burn- alkali/acid burns
                                                                may be caused in Industries or by household
                                                                chemicals. They are quite dangerous and must
                                                                be treated cautiously. Alkali burns with higher
                                                                pH especially household chemicals—penetrates
                                                                the surface of the eye and can cause severe

                                                                Acid burns with low PH tend to be less severe
                                                                than alkali burns, only exception being
                                                                hydrofluoric acid burn, which is as dangerous
                                                                as an alkali burn. An automobile battery
                                                                containing sulfuric acid is one of the most
                                                                common acidic burns of the eye.



Immediate evaluation is must. Examination of
vision and detailed anterior segment
examination is necessary to see the extent of
damage and thorough washing of eye
continuously helps to wash away the toxins.
If eye is seriously damaged, one can need
surgery in form surgical reconstruction or
corneal transplant. Topical antibiotics or
lubricants and anti-inflammatory drops or
ointments may be used judiciously.


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