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Computer technology has changed the scenario of communications. Apart from several advantages, it has some serious disadvantages affecting physical health and especially eyes. Nowadays, more people using computers complain of various symptoms togetherly known as CVS = Computer Vision Syndrome.

More usage of computers produces eye-strain resulting in such symptoms. Concentrating and thereby decrease in frequency of blinking of the eyes produces dry eyes.


To understand the physiology of normal
tears in short, let us know about three
layers forming tear film.
Just above and to the outer side of
each eye lacrimal gland is situated
which produces tear film. When one
blinks, the eyelid spreads the tears
and keeps it moist. Increasing age,
vitamin A deficiency and some
medicines like antiallergic drugs,
beta blockers, Diuretics,
preservative in drops and contact
lens at times also increases dry eyes
and its symptoms. Schirmer’s test is
useful in detecting the extent of


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